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Make Impression
Make your customer's eyes wide open in surprise and create a ``wow`` effect
Safe environment
Choose a solution that is safe for people, animals and the surrounding nature
Be an innovator
A complete innovation on the event market. Be creative, show your product
Media impact
Impress the media with your show and make them talk and write about you.
Show stories
For the first time, you can tell your story with images in the sky

Why Drone Light Show?

Thanks to 21st century cutting edge technology, we are able to replace fireworks in an unprecedented way for the first time in several hundred years.

Drone light shows are a beautiful spectacle that amazes the audience and allows to bring a narrative and story to the show and thus build an advertising message.

Drone light shows are unforgettable and beautiful but most importantly safe for the environment, animals and surrounding nature.

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What should I do if I am interested in the drone light show?
Contact us please. To make sure your event is a success, we'll need at least one month lead time to work out the details. Together with you we will prepare the creation, get all the necessary approvals and permits to realize the show, so that you enjoy the effect
What is the price of a drone light show?
Each drone light show is individually priced. Pricing is dependent on location, creation, additional options and length of show. The main factor that affects the price is the number of drones used for the show. Prices start at 6,500 euros per show.
Does the weather affect the show?
Similar to fireworks- temperature does not affect the show. A little rain or snow is not a problem. For safety reasons, we do not perform in strong winds above 30 km/h
What about the formalities required for the show?
Astranate prepares all the paperwork. Communicates with the relevant services and prepares security audits and obtains approvals from the relevant authorities.
What information do you need to prepare a price proposal?
We need to know the number of drones you need (50-100-200-500-1000...). Show duration (5-15 minutes). Show location. Event date. Show type: Prepared individually for the client, based on ready-made elements, with sound and narration etc
What to expect from the drone light show?
Due to the fact that it is a new technology, the show attracts huge amounts of viewers. The show lasts about 15 minutes and can consist of multiple figures or animations, so you can tell your story. Very high media exposure ensures that your show will be talked about in traditional media and on the social media of your show's viewers.
Why a drone light show is better than fireworks?
The drone light show is a modern form of fireworks, free of all the drawbacks of its predecessor.
A drone light show allows you to create a narrative for the show and tell a story. Drones can create any shape and animation in the sky which meets the marketing objectives.
Drone light shows are safer than fireworks due to active safety systems. Drone light shows do not scare animals and are safe for the environment, containing no chemicals or heavy metals like fireworks.
Is the drone light show safe?
A drone light show is much safer than fireworks. Drones fly in a designated safety zone. Drones are protected by a triple security system that will not allow them to leave the designated area. Before each show, a multi-page safety audit is prepared and supervised by the relevant government departments.
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